About ACUK

ACUK has developed some of the finest residential and activity facilities of any youth association, with its modern Conference Centres, wide ranging and wonderfully equipped Activity Centres together catering for well over a hundred thousand people every year.

The highly motivated management team includes the HQ staff, the managers of all the varied projects, highly skilled instructors, dedicated hospitality teams, volunteers and a host of others involved in the every day activities of all the Centres.

ACUK undertakes the work of the charity serving and helping young people, bringing together those who support the work and providing training facilities for youth leaders.

ACUK/NAYC have a combined experienced of over 50 years in looking after young people. Organising and hosting residential holidays for almost 300 affiliated youth groups across Northamptonshire, decades of running youth leader training courses and welcoming around 150,000 people from around the world to our centres each year, has given us a unique insight into how best to help groups achieve the aims of their residential whilst providing the right environment for positive and long lasting impact.