Life as a Trainee

The Firm Foundations Instructor Training Program is completely free to trainees! All accommodation and food is provided, and all of your initial qualifications are paid for by us! Once you’ve got the basic qualifications we offer, you will have an additional training budget to further develop your skills/qualifications.


Trainees are provided with £200 subsistence each month to cover expenses.


All of our centres provide on-site accommodation. The majority of the accommodation is shared with another person, but on rare occasions you may get a room to yourself (Pioneer only). If you decide to apply for a full time instructor position at the end of your year, discounted accommodation is available for instructors.


Trainees are provided with 3 meals per day, and there is tea and coffee available on site at no charge. Depending on which centre you are based at there are meal plans available, which could allow you to cook for yourself if you wish.

Life On Site

At each of our centres we have a mix of British and International volunteers all living on site. As well as running activities, fulfilling site duties and other day-to-day stuff, you will make great friends. There is a great community feel on each of our sites, and you will make friends for life.

Wifi is also available onsite.


Though not all of our trainees are Christians, we recognise that some may be. Each of our centres has great relationship with local churches, and we can help you connect with them.

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“...there is nothing better for people than to be happy in their work.....”

Ecclesiastes 3:22