Why We Believe It's The Best

Why We Believe It's The Best Around

There are various outdoor activity and leisure industry training programmes and gap years around. What makes ours different?

  1. It’s Genuinely Free. Unlike other programmes trainees food and accommodation is COMPLETELY FREE. Bed and bathroom facilities, living spaces, three meals each day, drinks free on site. If you don’t want to, you don’t need to spend anything on this year.
  2. You Keep Your Subsistence. We are not the only programme to give trainees subsistence, but many others deduct an amount for food and living costs. We don't make deductions.
  3. Training with Genuine Qualifications. Many of the other options will offer you in house training, which is great whilst on the gap year. But when you leave the year and try to pursue a career, you quickly find that experience alone is not enough. That’s why Firm Foundations offers you genuine qualifications from nationally recognised bodies such as the British Canoe Union, Grand Union Archery Society etc. We are leading the way in ensuring our gap year trainees have the best start to their career.
  4. Real Career Prospects. The unique mix of experience, training and qualifications will allow you to pursue a career in the outdoor and indoor sports industry should you want to. You're not guaranteed to walk in to another job, but completion of the Firm Foundations Instructor Training Program will give you a great foundation. Our aim is to do our best to provide you with an edge over other prospective instructors.
  5. A Worthwhile Addition to Any CV.  Perhaps a career in the outdoor industry is not your long-term goal, but with the skills you learn, and experience you gain whilst on Firm Foundations, your CV will definitely be bolstered. You’ll get experience working with a wide variety of age groups, have face-to-face interaction with clients, and prove your ability to grow professionally through gaining qualifications. You’ll also get yourself a reference.
  6. Christian Ethos. Although not everyone who comes on our gap year is a Christian, we are able to offer people a unique opportunity to explore their faith (often independently for the first time) whilst training and taking a year out.
  7. Friendships. All the gap year programmes offer the opportunity to make lifelong friends. Firm Foundations in no different!

“...there is nothing better for people than to be happy in their work.....”

Ecclesiastes 3:22