Performing Arts Groups

Come away to rehearse and get focused

And you can throw in some exhilarating activities too!

At the Pioneer Centre we welcome Performing Arts groups of all types to come and rehearse in our meeting rooms whilst making use of our accommodation and catering. We have meeting rooms available that create wonderful acoustics for practising bands, that are flat and ideal for drama or dance groups and are varied sizes for other performing arts groups too!

Whether you're a small performing arts company or a full-blown orchestra, we have space for you! Whether you want to come to us for a long day, or take a weekend to rehearse for that big competition or opening night, our friendly team will give you the space you need to focus and make your 'off time' as easy as possible - providing hot meals and comfortable bedrooms for everyone in your group.

Want to reward your group? Try our exciting activities!

On site at the Pioneer Centre we have a wide range of exciting individual and team-building activities. Whether you want to try to ascend the climbing tower, fly down the zip wire, burrow through our indoor caves or simply take a night walk we can provide activities that both blow of steam to help a group refocus and create long-lasting memories.

Talk to us about your perfect rehearsal getaway today

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