Primary Schools

Helping You Unlock Your Students' Potential

Exciting School Residential Trips for Primary Education.

At the Pioneer Centre we are passionate about providing young people with opportunities to excel! We are open throughout the year, playing host to school and youth groups looking for a highly physical action packed adventure.

As part of the youth charity NAYC, we have an exceptional youth-focused team. Our purpose-built centre offer en-suite accommodation, spacious meeting rooms and activities accessible to all.

With almost fifty years of expertise, Pioneer Centre ensures that every experience we offer is stimulating, fresh and exciting.

So, whether you have a class of 12 or a year group of 300, book your event with Pioneer Centre and experience first-hand just what an impact a trip with us can make to your students and your classroom.

Packages for Primary Schools:

A full-on 3 day activity package. All the top activities are included for an all-inclusive unbeatable, value for money choice.

Over the years we've studied what our school users choose and we've asked teachers leading those school groups what's most important to them - Action PLUS is the result.


Junior PLUS is based on the tried and tested, highly popular Action PLUS residential trip, but whereas Action PLUS is a 2 night stay, Junior PLUS is an overnight trip, incorporating extra contact time with our activity instructors at break times and morning wake-ups and slightly shorter evening activities, which has proved to be a more workable timetable given the younger age of the children



A unique 48-hour experience over 3 days which combines our exhilarating outdoor activities with engaging workshops exploring issues that impact the lives of young people today.

Activities mixed with ‘The Zone’ - an exciting multimedia experience utlising the RE and PHSE curriculum. For 11-14 year olds.



We understand how important it is for children to view their first real exams as a positive experience. That’s why we’re offering a new combined residential – a 3 day 2 night blend of study and revision, paired with high adrenalin activities.




Tailored-to-You & Revision Packages

Our team are well equipped to help schools create unique and exciting programmes - including revision packages, activity packages and retreats. For more information about any of the above packages or to find out more about what our centres can do for your school contact our team on 01299 271217 or email