What our guests say...

As our guests depart from Whitemoor Lakes, we ask them to fill out an evaluation form which tells us a lot of information about how a group feels we are doing, the service we provide, the level of accommodation we offer and much more.  Every month we collate all the evaluation forms we have received to assess exactly what and where we may need to turn our attention to. For the third year running we are so proud to announce a 98% achievement score in terms of enjoyment, safety, fun and customer care. We believe this is testament to the excellent standard of work each member of our staff puts into making every guest enjoy their stay with us on a daily basis.  

Please take a moment to read through some of the lovely comments we received from our delightful guests:


St Giles Church / Cooper & Jordan School - Paul Ingles

Hi Jamie,

I just wanted to email about the wonderful we we have just had at Whitemoor Lakes. People are so easy to criticise in today's society, but not so prompt to congratulate, so I thought while it was fresh in my mind I would write to say thank you. Our whole experience since the early part of the year has been absolutely fantastic. From the early conversations and booking process with yourself and other members of the administration team, to the programme discussion with Carol, then the actual experience itself (activities, facilities) together with our wide ranging dietary needs, we have had a truly brilliant experience!

As I've said verbally, I have taken part in a number of youth outward bound residential programmes over the last 10 years and Whitemoor Lakes is clearly the best in my opinion. The facilities are fantastic, the food has been excellent and the staff have been tremendous.

Your personal conduct has been second-to-none and you have dealt with all of our needs brilliantly, however trivial they were. Thank you so much! Also, the main instructors we had during the week (Scotty, Kirsten, Lorna, Ginger Josh) were wonderfully pleasant, co-operative, encouraging and thoughtful. the children thought they were fabulous, as did the adults! All the other staff came across during the week were also great.

Once again, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for a fabulous week that has created some super memories for our group. Very much appreciated. Paul. 


St Damian's RC Science College - Mr S Logue (Headteacher)

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you on behalf of St Damian's, our Chair of Governors and our school chaplain for the wonderful weekend retreat our pupils attended in January 2017.

Your superb venue allowed an amazing group of Year 11 students and staff to come together for a fabulous 48 hours with each other and with out Lord. All your staff were very professional and displayed excellent attitudes and sense of humour with our pupils; a few names include Scotty, Chris B and Nathan. Your catering and maintenance team were also very helpful and dedicated; all tastes were well catered for and your food was plentiful and delicious.

What a wonderful weekend we had of activity and contemplation; fun and reflection; fellowship and prayer......our school community are absolutely delighted with our continued growth and success, and it was lovely to share this with you are Whitemoor Lakes. Once again, thank you.

Shrubbery School: Viraj Gupta (Pupil)

Whitemoor Lakes is in a convenient location for us. I have only been to Lichfield a few times, and I've never had any good weather there, but this time it was the best. The sensational breeze was just hitting my face!.........We were all in wonderful dorms which were exceptionally clean and tidy, there was not a crumb on the floor. I thought the bathrooms were impeccable. We all had a very comfortable soft bed and had good sleeps at night. We did a wide range of activities such as: fencing, extreme teams, abseiling, zipwire, climbing, raft building, canoeing, problem solving and challenge course. They were marvelous! All the staff were really polite and friendly. I would like to say a special thank you to Chris who helped in all our activities. He would always make sure we were safe and he wouldn't force us to do anything if we didn't want to. He made all the activities enjoyable and fun - he was the best. The food was scrumptious, the salad bar was great too and the desserts were fabulous!

Josh (Pupil)

We came to your extraordinary centre from Friday to Sunday and will always cherish that weekend. When I first laid eyes on the dorm I was mesmerized because to see beds as immaculate as that was very pleasing! The view from my room was extraordinary too as I could see the beautiful lake (despite it was freezing!) The changing rooms were very close to the lake so we were very dry. I liked the fact that the dining room seated 8 people per table and the staff serving us were very pleasant. The actual food was healthy, succulent and enjoyable as well as being the best food I've ever tasted! The activities were much better than I expected..... all of them getting me active and up on my feet. Most of the activities involved either trust, resilience, perseverance and over coming a fear. Most of the people in my group didn't want to attempt the abseiling or zipwire but they overcame their fear and did it! Thank you for taking care of us and keeping us safe.

Jibraan Rashid (Pupil)

The staff at this venue were absolutely superb. You all helped me and made me feel confident and determined to do things I never thought I could! You were all kind, caring and funny and inspirational. I don't think any of the activities were banal as they were all exhilarating! Over the weekend staff motivated me to do things that I thought were improbable, such as loving the climbing and canoeing. I overcame my  fear of heights too. In 90% of the activities we got dirty or wet but the fun was so overpowering I barely seemed to notice; I looked like a chimney sweeper! The facilities were so good and very secure. I felt safe because Chris told me that the ropes could hold a double decker bus, (which I thought was cockamamie balderdash!) Turns out he was right! I can honestly say with hand on my heart that the food was sensational! I adored the full English breakfast in the morning but the best bit was you provided halal food for carnivores like me! (I'm glad I wasn't stuck with cheese sandwiches all weekend!) The piece de resistance was when the instructor dragged me into the water and left me there for a good ten seconds! I was drenched! It was a memorable experience - all of you were awesome!!! Till next time....... 

Monty and Harrison's Birthday Party - Samantha Cowgill: I just wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone at Whitemoor Lakes for making the boys' party such a success on Sunday. Despite the weather they all had a fantastic time. They are due to come for a residential stay next year with Thomas Russell Junior School and they are all really excited about it now!! Thanks again. 

Oasis Academy Hobmoor: Mr J Darnley

Great spaces and loved the shop. Super clean! Really impressed with the standards of cleanliness! WOW! Such yummy food, we felt spoilt! Thank you:) Amazing portions and the best quality so far (especially the chicken - super quality) There wasn't a single activity that we didn't like. We loved them all! The staff were all FABULOUS! ***** STAR STAFF!  Very rarely do you find a place that is excellent in all areas. Great stuff! THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING GUYS!

Henry Chichele Primary School: "I'd like to take this opportunity to thank you and your team for looking after us during our stay. As I wrote on the evaluation sheet, your staff were so helpful and your instructors were brilliant with the kids. Over the last twenty years, I have been on many residential trips to various locations but yours is by far the best and I am so pleased that we have managed to make a booking for 2016. In fact, you have secured our business for the next few years!"

Environment Agency: “Very helpful and provided everything we needed. Fantastic help and very accommodating to our needs”.

Lumbertubs Primary School: “Bob, Adam and Pablo really good, lots of praise for the children, very encouraging”.

Kenilworth Churches: “The staff are like family now! Robin was really lovely, Chris and Chrissy were lovely and helpful, Zav is a nice looking lad!”

St Ebbes: “There wasn't’t a single thing that I could fault, whether accommodation, food service - everything seemed geared to our comfort. I think I even slept better than at home - maybe I need to change my mattress! Please would you convey my thanks to your excellent staff, who were so kind and thoughtful”.

Queensbridge School:  “Absolutely brilliant, we’ll be back soon!! Adam was great!! Elaine and Sarah were very helpful and warm”.

Prime International: “Reception and Office staff were very helpful and obliging, welcoming and warm atmosphere.  Sarah, Rosie and both Elaines were especially helpful.

Notivate: “Children loved the activities.  JJ provided excellent help on Friday and Sunday”.

Focus: “We always love coming here.  It’s a very welcoming, caring centre.  All staff on main reception are always lovely and caring and willing to go that extra mile”.

Tell, Talk, Transform: “Laura was great. The visit met our aims to have fun”.

NEC Youth Alive: “Excellent! Instructors were cheerful and friendly.  Reception staff were excellent”.

Wellingborough Police Cadets: “Instructors all very good.  Chloe really good at identifying the needs and aims of the group”.

Juniper: “Dalton and co were fab.  Great with the students”.

Orchard Primary School: “Every instructor was very helpful, great with the kids and knowledgeable”.

Alex & Joe’s Birthday: “Bob was excellent at keeping the children interested and entertained.  A great group leader”.

Aldridge Parish Church: “Dining Hall staff were lovely and there was too much food! (but they loved it :) )  Reception staff were always smiling and helpful”.


"All staff were wonderful! All instructors were outstanding, friendly, responsible and eager". Email from Dexter’s mum, “I just wanted to say thank you so much to everyone at Whitemoor for all the extra help given to Dexter and myself during our visit with Irthlingborough Junior School. The chefs were amazing and generous beyond anything I have experienced before; all of the catering staff were happy to help and didn’t make me feel like I was being a burden and of course the instructors were brilliant too.”  Irthlingborough Junior School 24th - 26th February 2014.


"Robin, Sarah, Sam, Pete, JJ, and Nikki gave outstanding help and attention! Extra mention for Sarah. All reception and catering staff were polite and helpful. Extra mention also for Mick for fixing glasses. My gluten free diet needs were met with excellent choice of food—thank you!" Chaddesden Park Primary School 26th -28th February 2014.


"All instructors were helpful, knowledgeable and supportive. All staff were brilliant and enthusiastic. The centre is clean and has great facilities. Food was great!" Anglesey Primary Academy, 26th –28th February 2014.


All staff were amazing ...everyone was polite and helpful...JJ, George and Dalton too amazing with the young people… Julie, Ellen all staff outstanding 5*” Wade Street Church Youth Group, 28th February –2nd March 2014. 


"The staff are very helpful and nice ...Tim and Sarah,  both lovely, helpful and personable." Waymarks Women 1st - 2nd March 2014.


"The staff were brilliant and great with our children, especially as they were only year 4. Purpose built, loved the fact that we had 'pads' for all our children to stay in" - Christ Church Primary School - 5th June 2013.


"Very accommodating with requests for fussy eaters, shoes etc and goggles!  Staff were always there if we needed them, nothing was ever too much trouble. Very welcoming, friendly and helpful.  The Instructors were fantastic with the children and made a real effort to engage with both the children and staff within the group.  Always enough food" - Birmingham Children's Hospital -17th May 2013. 

Click image to view Realize Network's letter to us ------>

"Very polite and always helpful.  Lots of info provided and everything we asked for was given to us. And the staff have been very personable.  Best accommodation stayed in for a residential trip.  Hot refreshments available are a very good idea in our kitchenette. Activity instructors were AMAZING! Brilliant instructions, communication and interaction with the children and motivating skills by encouraging. Campfire was absolutely fantastic! Excellent food and choices  - lots of fresh fruit and salad. Presentation of food very good and staff friendly and accommodating for dietary requirements eg sensory reasons (Autism). We have had a FANTASTIC time and would love to come back. The centre is spot on and has been really well thought out to meet group needs. We would certainly recommend you to others. HUGE THANK YOU!!"  - Balby Central Primary School - 11th September 2013.


"I felt that communication was excellent and first rate.  We were always aware that nothing was too small to assist with.  Overall, I thought the staff during the activities dealt with everyone in a good and firm manner when required.  The Welcome Talk was polite, straight forward and they made sure everyone was listening.  All instructors were top notch and brilliant!" - Ashbourne Elim -15th March 2013.


"I am writing to you all to thank you for the amazing time I had at Whitemoor Lakes.  One of the things I really enjoyed was the camp fire.  It was epic because there was a hot fire next to a cold lake and it looked really cool!  I loved all of the songs especially Joe and the Button Factory." - Joshua Ambrose-Leigh  - St John's Combined School - 17th June 2013

"I am writing to you to say thank you for making our residential the best time I've ever had away from home.  Every moment from beginning to end was great!  I enjoyed every activity especially the high ropes.  Free Pizza!  Oh no, I've gone wrong, my favourite thing was Tropical Inc.  I can't believe I held a black emporer spider!" - Dillon Evans - St John's Combined School - 17th June 2013.


"I am so happy you invited us to come along to Whitemoor Lakes.  I loved going down the zip wire and I'm so pleased with myself because I took part in all the activities and conquered my fear of heights in the abseiling.  You explained all the courses well and made us feel very safe."  - Lottie Conolly - All Saints School, May 2013

"I enjoyed being in JJ's group because we did Problem Solving, Gladiator, High Ropes and Leap of Faith.  I enjoyed the Gladiator because it was challenging and I like a good challenge!  Overall, I give Whitemoor Lakes ten out of ten.  Thank you for having us!"  - Max - All Saints School, May 2013.


"Thank you so much for all that you did for us during our stay, including all the hard work you did putting together a programme we could all enjoy and use to get to know one another at the beginning of our exchange project, especially at such short notice.  Everybody is now safely back home either in the UK or in Botswana.  The vast majority of the comments received on evaluation forms or via email and Facebook have been very positive and some even talk of a life-changing experience."  - Colin Udall - East Midlands Synod Training Team, UK/Botswana Commonwealth Youth Exchange Project, The United Reformed Church, August 2013.


"Thank you for our lovely stay.  I enjoyed all of it but fencing and raft building were the best!  The food was DELICIOUS.  I was a bit scared when I went upside down on the zip wire but it was really great fun learning how to work together as a team in everything.  When we did high ropes and I looked down - I suddenly regretted it because I was petrified for a moment.  Then when we did the leap of faith I looked at the bar, when I jumped - I actually caught it!!  I was so sad when we had to go home because I enjoyed it so much.  I would really like to come again in the future." - Edward Short - Rosliston C. Of E. Primary June 2013.