EXPLORE Residential

I have organised and attended several residentials both in the UK and abroad for over 10 years.  This residential beats all of them – hands down!  This is a total unique experience where students are able to think, question and explore different themes.

Months later the students can’t stop talking about their experience and parents have commented how much it has changed their child.  What more could you ask for!"  Sonia Wilkes, Peer Mentor Co-ordinator, St. Peter’s Collegiate School,  Wolverhampton

Unfortunately Secondary schools simply do not know how much they need this until they have experienced it… This course is designed to to develop students in Yr 7 and over.

Initially only available at Pioneer Centre and now also available at our Whitemoor Lakes centre, we have created a new residential that challenges students even further.  As well as developing them physically and mentally, the explore residential experience offers a unique enrichment opportunity for students to grow spiritually and emotionally in community.

Alongside taking part in our exciting range of outdoor pursuits, students engage in the Zone: multimedia, interactive learning workshops that allow them to explore and reflect on key issues that face young people in the 21st century.  The Zone incorporates games, activities, films, inspirational talks and small group discussions to open up the topics in a way that is engaging and relevant.


You can choose from two Explore programmes:

  1. explore: me
  2. explore: relationships


explore: me – overview

In exploRE: me, students take time to explore the emotions, feelings and values they hold which determine the way they engage with the world around them. This programme works particularly well with Key Stage 3 students.

Zone 1: Managing emotions. We experience a variety of different emotions every moment of the day. Some of these can have a negative effect on ourselves and others. How do we learn to manage these effectively, so they don’t manage us?

Zone 2: Handling hurt.  In life we inevitably experience things that hurt us. However, we can choose how we respond – either in seeking revenge, holding a grudge, or choosing to let go. Which response is best for us and those around us?

Zone 3: The iLife?  How we live our lives is determined by the values we hold. To what extent do our values serve our own interests? Is there more to life than just looking after ourselves?


explore: relationships - overview

In exploRE: relationships, students are encouraged to reflect on the mechanics of different relationships with friends and family, and explore how to build and maintain relationships that secure the best outcome for themselves and other people.  This programme works particularly well with older Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4 students.

Zone 1: Foundations. We all have an innate sense of what qualities and values make a good relationship and have clear expectations for how we hope to be treated within them. To what extent do we apply these same values to our own behaviour in a relationship? How could our relationships be transformed if we became more trustworthy, patient and accepting?   

Zone 2: Hot stuff. Many people are looking for love – but where is it to be found, and would we know it when we saw it? Films, pop music and even our own feelings tell us that love is to do with sex and romance, but is there more to it than that? Is it possible to find a love that will last forever, and if so, how?

Zone 3: Things fall apart. Not all relationships are happy ones. Sometimes we have to live with people who hurt us and let us down. How do we cope with difficult relationships when there is no way of avoiding them?


Through the outdoor activities and the Zone experiences, the Explore residential has clear links with key learning outcomes across the curriculum.  As well as providing key elements of the PE and PSHE curriculum, the Explore team incorporates elements of the RE curriculum as students explore and evaluate religious perspectives on each of the big questions each session raises.

"The Explore residential was an extremely effective, engaging and thought provoking experience for our students. They came away with new perspectives of themselves and a range of new skills surrounding their personal, social and moral development. The planning of the Zone sessions has clearly been given deep thought, and the nature of the sessions ensures that students remain involved, active, engaged and enthused throughout;  A very positive experience.

"A particular highlight was the forgiveness Zone, the way it was sewn together was absolutely immaculate, and the message was powerful. It was a real highlight of the week.

"It actually reminded me of a sort of CBBC Roadshow, with the stage, mics, music, videos and interaction; very relevant and engaging." Matt Ball, Netherstowe School.